• Pre-payment in full is required at time of registration.
  • You will receive a full refund for cancellations up to one week prior to the date of the workshop, series or special class.
  • For cancellations less than one week prior you will receive a studio credit.
  • If Fine Spirit Studio cancels a workshop, series or special class you will receive a full refund.

Workshops and Events

Couples Birth Preparation Workshop

This workshop is an opportunity for the couple (or the pregnant woman with some other member of her birth team) to focus on and prepare for the approaching birth. This practical workshop will address the questions such as: "Okay, the contractions are starting—now what do I do?", "What do I do with my body?", "What do I do with my mind?" Together the couple will practice many different positions that can be used during the contractions, in between the contractions, and for the delivery of the baby. The partners learn many specific tips on what they can do throughout the birth process, helping themselves to be as prepared and empowered as possible.

The cost for workshops is $80 per couple. We recommend attending the workshop anytime in your third trimester. Please arrive in the studio 10 minutes early, to allow time to get set up. The next dates offered are:

  • Sat., January 11, 2020, from 1:00 to 4:30 pm

To register for the workshop and to reserve your space, please send your $80 fee along with your contact information (phone &/or email) to:

Diane Fine
c/o Fine Spirit Studio
201 Dey Street
Suite 202
Ithaca, NY 14850

Private-Group Couples Birth Prep Workshop

If the workshop dates listed above do not meet your needs, you may wish to consider participating in a Private Group Workshop. This is when a group of people will organize the workshop to happen according to their due dates, schedules, and needs. The fee is $240 for up to 3 couples, and $80 per couple for 4 or more couples. Interested couples will contact Diane and inform her they are interested in this option. She will connect all interested couples via email, and the group will then decide what date & time they wish the workshop to happen. If Fine Spirit Studio is not available at that date/time, one couple in the group will host the workshop in their home. The amount of space needed to host is about 4'x6' per couple, plus free wall space for one person in each couple (the partner) to simultaneously lean their backs against the wall. Private Group Workshops have happened many times, and it works well; couples are thrilled to be able to participate in this birth preparation according to their scheduling needs.

Instructor: Diane Fine

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Despair Circle: From the Planetary to the Personal

From the planetary to the personal, all despair is interconnected. If you feel despairing, depressed, fearful, anxious, angry or any other strong emotional responses to the abuse of our Mother Earth, each other, and All Our Relations, then this Circle is for you...

Discover deep sharing. Discover deep listening. Discover deep connecting. Discover a community that deeply feels our pain in this time of global crisis. Discover what you are capable of when your despair is lovingly witnessed, held, and felt by others.

Our intention is to manifest an ongoing opportunity for a core group of people to regularly share, listen, and connect in ways that promote growth, balance, healing, and transformation.

This offering is an outgrowth of the Active Hope Workshop series facilitated in Ithaca by Betti Lambro and colleagues. We wish to credit Joanna Macy, developer of the Work That Reconnects, for the ongoing transformation that this work brings into our lives. Registration is not required, although it would be wonderful to know in advance if you plan to attend. You are also welcome to just show up!

  • Dates: 2-4 pm on Fourth Saturdays in 2019 (except April, Nov., Dec.)
    • 2020 Dates will be listed soon!

  • Instructors: Betti Lambro and Virginia Metcalf

  • Cost: Suggested donation of $5-10 towards space rental.

  • For further info: Betti Lambro Facilitator of the Work That Reconnects; 850-559-0988, braidingtruth@gmail.com, www.braidingtruth.org


Betti Lambro: I was 7 years old when my environmental awareness was activated by learning that the Ocelot might some day become extinct. My awareness of and concern for the planet grew steadily from then on. I earned a B.A. In Environmental Studies (2000) and an M.A. In Geography, with an emphasis on Global Food Systems Studies (2005). I trained as an organic farmer (2002-03), farmed, wrote, became a mother, and settled in Trumansburg NY in 2010 with the dream of creating a self-sufficient, farm-based intentional community.

Encountering the Work That Reconnects has been a turning point in my life. I lived for 30 years in the state of despair that Joanna Macy describes so well in her book "World as Lover, World as Self." Participating in and now facilitating Active Hope workshops have helped me transform my despair into empowered action.

Virginia Metcalf: I’ve lived in the Ithaca area for almost 20 years, raised my two children here, and now live in Trumansburg. In my work life, I am a paralegal for LawNY, a nonprofit organization providing free legal help to people in poverty. I also have a private practice as an advocate for individuals who have been denied Social Security disability benefits.

Like many people, I have felt overwhelmed and in deep despair for many years about all of the seemingly unsolvable problems we are facing as human beings. I found myself denying my real feelings about the future as a way to function in my daily life. In recent years, I have felt paralyzed and unable to face even one of these global problems, so I've carried on behaving as if nothing was wrong in my daily life. I was (and still am) confused by the little opportunity that I find to talk openly about the crises that I see clearly happening around me.

A fews years ago, I read the book “Active Hope” written by Joanna Macy and Chris Johnstone, and soon after was pleased to find that a local workshop was available based on Joanna Macy's work. I attended two workshops where I was able to speak freely about what I see happening, and my struggles in figuring out how to keep living and working in our current reality. Connecting with others around this is healing, and has helped me move forward and realize that I'm not alone in needing to speak openly about our fears and confusion. I am immensely grateful to have the Work That Reconnects as a framework to bring people together and create time to be with each other as we all face the future together.

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The Art of Relaxation: Yoga & Healing Touch

The Art of Relaxation is loaded with massage, adjustments, and juicy yoga poses sure to stretch you into yoga heaven. Join licensed massage therapist and yoga instructor Ilana Berman and guest massage therapists for this incredible opportunity to experience the healing powers of touch. During this two hour workshop we will enjoy deep centering, gentle juicy flow, and restorative yoga accompanied by hands on massage assists throughout. Get assisted into bliss!  

After teaching The Art of Relaxation for over 4 years, to consistently sold out rooms, it became clear that there was a larger need for access to this healing experience. Ilana and her massage team are so excited to start offering The Art of Relaxation at Fine Spirit Studio, with the intention of cultivating greater access to self care and massage to the community. For more info on Ilana's philosophy, experience and yoga and massage work please visit her website: www.ilanahata.com.

  • Dates:
    • Nov 23
    • Dec 14

  • Cost: $40

  • Register: You can purchase a single or multi workshop pass with cash or check when you arrive, or via credit card at Ilana's website.
    Please make sure to RSVP to the workshop date of your choice using the "Reserve Your Spot" button at Ilana's website: www.ilanahata.com

  • Instructor: Ilana Berman

  • Questions? Contact Ilana at: ilanahata@gmail.com, 516-633-0756

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