• Pre-payment in full is required at time of registration.
  • You will receive a full refund for cancellations up to one week prior to the date of the workshop, series or special class.
  • For cancellations less than one week prior you will receive a studio credit.
  • If Fine Spirit Studio cancels a workshop, series or special class you will receive a full refund.

Workshops and Events

Couples Birth Preparation Workshop

This workshop is an opportunity for the couple (or the pregnant woman with some other member of her birth team) to focus on and prepare for the approaching birth. This practical workshop will address the questions such as: "Okay, the contractions are starting—now what do I do?", "What do I do with my body?", "What do I do with my mind?" Together the couple will practice many different positions that can be used during the contractions, in between the contractions, and for the delivery of the baby. The partners learn many specific tips on what they can do throughout the birth process, helping themselves to be as prepared and empowered as possible.

The cost for workshops is $60 per couple. We recommend attending the workshop anytime in your third trimester. Please arrive in the studio 10 minutes early, to allow time to get set up. The next dates offered are:

  • Saturday, August 25, from 1:00-4:15pm
  • Saturday, October 6, from 1:00-4:15pm
  • Saturday, January 5, 2019, from 1:00-4:15pm
  • Sunday, November 18 from 4:00-7:15pm

To register for the workshop and to reserve your space, please send your $60 fee along with your contact information (phone &/or email) to:

Diane Fine
c/o Fine Spirit Studio
201 Dey Street
Suite 202
Ithaca, NY 14850

Instructor: Diane Fine

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Iyengar Yoga Workshop with Senior lll Iyengar teacher, Rebecca Lerner

Rebecca Lerner is a seasoned and respected teacher in the Iyengar community. A longtime student of Shri B.K.S. Iyengar and Geeta Iyengar, she has a gentle yet dynamic teaching style that brings each student a heightened yogic experience.

Friday, 8/17
Forward Extensions, Twists and Inversions
Learn to create space within seated forward bends and twists. Experience the dynamic actions of inversions that lead to balance and mental quietude in these postures.

Saturday 8/18
9:30 - 12:30:
Standing poses, Backbends, and Inversions
Standing postures are foundational – they help us improve the basics of how we stand and move. Backbends open the front body and strengthen the back body, going right to the “heart” of yoga. Inverted poses bring balance to the system.

2:30-5:00: Restorative Poses and Pranayama
Experience poses and breath work that remove fatigue and bring the mind inward towards a state of peace and repose.

  • Dates:
    • Friday, 8/17 6:00-8:30:
    • Saturday 8/18 9:30 - 12:30 and 2:30-5:00

  • Cost:
    • Full workshop – Friday and Saturday paid before 7/27 $150
    • Full workshop – Friday and Saturday paid after 7/27 $175
    • Friday only $65
    • Sat. AM only $75
    • Sat. PM only $65

  • Registration: To register, please make check payable to “Lisa Tsetse” and mail along with registration form below to Lisa Tsetse, 501 Linn St., Ithaca, NY 14850.
    Contact info for Lisa: 607-339-6761 or by email: ltsetse65@gmail.com

  • Instructor: Rebecca Lerner, Intermediate Senior lll Certified teacher

Restorative Reiki Yoga

Find a blissful and relaxing end to your week as Elizabeth Seldin guides you through a restorative yoga practice utilizing props and gentle movements to restore balance while integrating the beautiful healing practice of Reiki.  Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that utilizes universal life energy through hands on assists.  Elizabeth is both an RYT and a Reiki Master and is honored to share this incredible practice that honors the incredible healing power of a restorative practice.  Relax, Receive, and Restore.    

Elizabeth Seldin has been a Reiki Master since 2012 and trained in NYC through the Traditional Reiki Center.  She received her Yoga Teacher Training through Mighty Yoga with Zainab Zakari and Gina Newlin In Ithaca.  Truly though, she has been practicing mindful techniques and healing for over two decades.  Her travels have brought her back home to the incredible Ithaca Community where she is now practicing through her company Clockmaker Healing Arts offering Reiki, Private Yoga, Tarot Readings, Creative Consultations and guidance.  There is a playfulness and kindness that accompanies all that she does in her healing path.  She has walked many paths through grief, trauma, and physical illness as well as joy, love, and healing.  All of this is present in her practice with particular attention to a trauma informed approach. 

The Art of Relaxation: Yoga & Healing Touch

The Art of Relaxation is loaded with massage, adjustments, and juicy yoga poses sure to stretch you into yoga heaven. Join licensed massage therapist and yoga instructor Ilana Berman and guest massage therapists for this incredible opportunity to experience the healing powers of touch. During this two hour workshop we will enjoy deep centering, gentle juicy flow, and restorative yoga accompanied by hands on massage assists throughout. Get assisted into bliss!  

After teaching The Art of Relaxation for over 4 years, to consistently sold out rooms, it became clear that there was a larger need for access to this healing experience. Ilana and her massage team are so excited to start offering The Art of Relaxation at Fine Spirit Studio, with the intention of cultivating greater access to self care and massage to the community. For more info on Ilana's philosophy, experience and yoga and massage work please visit her website: www.ilanahata.com.


  • Dates:
    • Fall dates are TBA.  Stay tuned for updates!

  • Cost: $40

  • Register: You can purchase a single or multi workshop pass with cash or check when you arrive, or via credit card at Ilana's website.
    Please make sure to RSVP to the workshop date of your choice using the "Reserve Your Spot" button at Ilana's website: www.ilanahata.com

  • Instructor: Ilana Berman

  • Questions? Contact Ilana at: ilanahata@gmail.com, 516-633-0756