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"I realize that much of my birth experience could be attributed to things I had "picked up" while in your class. I had thought yoga would allow my body to adjust to pregnancy, keep my systems in balance and generally enjoy pregnancy more. I had no expectation about it helping my birth. I had no idea that it was preparation for birth...I want to thank you for finding your calling, being there for your students and allowing us to practice for labor and life in every class." - C.A.

"Thank you for your wonderful classes (including the birthing class). I ... appreciate your voice and the philosophy you brought to the group. Your thoughts regarding having no place to be but here have stuck with me and I reflect on them often. Having this child in our lives has forced us to slow down and not think of what we'll be doing in 30 minutes. Again, reflecting on your words helps me embrace that. Also, your birth class was invaluable and we are so glad we were able to participate....my husband paid close attention and was able to really assist and participate in the labor and delivery process (counterpressure positions were key!). I had planned to deliver without the use of pain medication and was able to do so with the help of your session. I used many of the positions... and constantly reminded myself of your messages throughout the class -- work with the contractions, use intelligent breathing, let nature take its course and be sure to conserve energy between contractions. Remembering all of those things truly made natural birth much less scary and I was able to remain more calm and focused. I wish I could still attend your classes, and know that if we have another child, I will certainly sign up! I can't thank you enough!" - B.P.

"I have to say that although some things didn't go the way we planned, we had an incredible experience, and absolutely everything we did to prepare (classes, reading, yoga, etc.) was brought to bear to get us through the birth. I was able to labor for many hours with Jon supporting me, using everything we learned, and the only way to describe that part of it is as a beautiful experience. When we had to make the very hard decision to go to the operating room, the only way I made it through it was STILL to draw on the things we learned through the class and through yoga about being focused, centered, and present where you are and about radical self-acceptance. Long story short, I thought we were preparing ourselves to "make" our birth turn out a certain way, but the whole time we were actually preparing ourselves to handle the birth we were given--whatever that had turned out to be. Our experience was definitely not without sadness in some ways, but looked at as a whole, the only way to describe it is as being beautiful and being exactly as it needed to be. And of course the bottom line is, we have a healthy, gorgeous, incredible baby that we are completely in love with." - L.S.

"I wanted to let you know that I think that your yoga classes were the most important part of my preparation for labor. My husband kept me focused on low, slow breathing through the contractions, and the strengthening from the yoga positions allowed me to birth him on my hands and knees. It was an intense experience to say the least, but overall very positive! I'll miss your classes!" - K.S.

"I can't thank you enough for all that I learnt from you in the preparation for birth. I started out as a scientist who would have happily accepted many medical interventions and by the end of the pregnancy had become someone who had learnt (and still have more learning to do) to rely on nature and how much your body really does know and is able to cope with. The delivery was not completely as I would have planned, but I am very happy with how everything worked out. I labored for 8hrs using many of the techniques that I learned from you both in class and at the couples workshop. I used many of the positions that you showed us, but I have to say what I found the most helpful was having learnt how to focus and breathe into the place where the contractions were. Also how to keep the vocalizing low and to relax the other parts of my body. As well as how to realize when what I was doing was not working and to bring my focus back to what I needed to do. It was also surprising to me that I could relax in between the contractions - I even fell asleep sometimes.... Once again for the pushing, having learnt many of the positions and techniques from you helped me to have something to focus on and to try when I thought that I might not have the strength to keep going. I am in complete awe at what our bodies can do if given the chance - it really does feel like a miracle....Thank you so much for all the guidance. I am really missing yoga classes and will definitely recommend your classes to anyone that I know. They are certainly a highlight to look forward to if and when I am next pregnant!" - B.B.

"My husband and I took Diane Fine’s birth preparation workshop and found that it brought us closer together as we prepare to become first time parents. Her class and the exercises we performed helped us to focus on each other’s needs and forge a stronger connection to each other and to our baby. With our hectic, busy schedules my husband and I had forgotten the importance of communicating with each other. Diane’s class allowed us to realize that we needed to slow down and reconnect before bringing our child into the world." - M.W.

"I wanted to thank you for all you did to help prepare me for an amazing birth experience. I had a drug free, 8-hour labor and I wouldn't change a thing about the experience. I just kept reminding myself to breathe throughout, and I let my body work its magic. Should I ever decide to have another child, you can bet I will be coming back to your prenatal yoga classes." - T.B.

"I can't tell you how much I used the ideas from class to help me with the labor! I concentrated a lot on relaxing my jaw and trying to release my muscles and let go. I think it was so helpful not just on progressing my labor but also on helping me emotionally know what I needed to do and that I didn't want to automatically run from the pain. Thank you so much for being there with your class and providing such an important resource! A.K.

"Thank you again for all your encouragement, support, wisdom, and good energy. Your class definitely helped me prepare for the birth and you can be sure you'll see me again if we decide to go for a third!!!" - A.S.

General Yoga

"I cannot thank you enough for all of the wisdom you shared in your classes. Time and again I returned to breathing and to sinking into sensations (most of which I could never have imagined!). I've also deeply appreciated the friendships that have grown our of your classes. You are a treasure to the Ithaca community." - R.L.

"I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed the yoga at Grass Roots. I have practiced yoga for nearly 30 years and have had some fine teachers, but the two classes at Grass Roots really struck a chord! It was the flow of the poses as well as some of the things that you said....Thanks for the inspiring yoga." - R.M.

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