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Yoga Instruction

Beginner/Intermediate Kripalu Yoga

Kripalu Yoga with Diane is a warm, inviting, and accessible class that focuses on proper body alignment, breathing, and mindfulness to improve energy, strength, and flexibility.  It is suitable for every body, at every age, and at any level of experience:  beginners, returners, and/or experienced practitioners.  This class allows you the freedom to explore  your own body and choose your level of physical challenge.

Prenatal Yoga

Diane Fine offers women in any stage of pregnancy the opportunity to help ease discomforts of pregnancy while gaining strength and flexibility in a safe and dynamic way. With gentle stretching, conscious use of breath, deep relaxation, and mindfulness techniques, women can enhance the quality of their pregnancy, prepare for an empowered birth process, and learn useful skills for life. The comfortable and friendly group atmosphere leads many women to connect with one another. They share stories, tips, laughter and understanding. Many have gone on to create baby play groups that last for years. Come experience Diane Fine's skillful leadership in the art of Prenatal Yoga.

Private Instruction

Private yoga sessions are a fabulous way to explore your individual needs with the guidance of an experienced yoga teacher. Your session will be designed according to your needs, whether you have specific concerns, wish to establish a home practice, or desire to deepen your understanding of your practice.

Benefits of Private Yoga Sessions:

  • Receive a customized yoga routine tailored to your individual needs
  • Enjoy the privacy of practicing on your own, at your own pace, with plenty of time to ask questions
  • Gain help in learning how to develop a home yoga practice
  • Address personal health issues
  • Postpartum recovery and changes


For one person:

  • $65 per hour-long session
  • $175 for three sessions

For two people:

  • $75 per hour-long session
  • $200 for three sessions

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