Class Descriptions

Kripalu Yoga with Diane

Kripalu Yoga with Diane is a warm, inviting, and accessible class that focuses on proper body alignment, breathing, and mindfulness to improve energy, strength, and flexibility.  It is suitable for every body, at every age, and at any level of experience:  beginners, returners, and/or experienced practitioners.  This class allows you the freedom to explore  your own body and choose your level of physical challenge.

NOTE: Lisa will sub these classes on: Thurs 9/28, Fri 9/29, Thurs 10/19

Thursday 5:30 - 7:00pm with Diane Fine

Friday 9:30 - 11:00am with Diane Fine

Prenatal Yoga

Diane Fine offers women in any stage of pregnancy the opportunity to help ease discomforts of pregnancy while gaining strength and flexibility in a safe and dynamic way. With gentle stretching, conscious use of breath, deep relaxation, and mindfulness techniques, women can enhance the quality of their pregnancy, prepare for an empowered birth process, and learn useful skills for life. The comfortable and friendly group atmosphere leads many women to connect with one another. They share stories, tips, laughter and understanding. Many have gone on to create baby play groups that last for years. Come experience Diane Fine's skillful leadership in the art of Prenatal Yoga.

Tuesday 5:30 - 7:00pm with Diane Fine

Iyengar Yoga – all levels, with Lisa

Iyengar yoga teaches us to listen deeply and attune our awareness. Participants are guided in the intelligent use of props to achieve balance and health in the body and internal state. Precise alignment and clarity of action are the foundation of each class. Standing & seated poses, forward bends, backbends, twists, inversions of shoulder and headstand according to individual capacity, and restorative poses will be taught. Together we deepen our curiosity for learning and enhance our capacity for individual and collective growth.

Monday 9:30 - 11:00am with Lisa Tsetse

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Iyengar Yoga - All Levels, with Kathy

In this mixed-levels evening class, new students will be given preparatory poses and continuing students will be challenged to take their practice to the next level. Standing poses, forward bends, seated poses, backbends, twists, and inversions will be explored, along with the skillful use of yoga props for safety, stability, and alignment. Whatever your body type or level of experience, expect to leave class feeling refreshed in body and mind--and two inches taller!

Wednesdays 5:30-7:00pm with Kathy Morris

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Kripalu Yoga with Alison

In this Kripalu yoga class, students have the opportunity to focus on building breath and body awareness as well as develop a practice of mindfulness. Alison encourages students to trust their own intuition as they explore each asana with curiosity and compassion. Alison believes every time we step on the mat, we have an opportunity to learn something new, and these insights can be carried into our every day life. All levels are welcome!

Price: $12 drop in, $50 for 5 class pass

Contact info: 603-313-9626

Mondays 5:45 - 7:00pm with Alison Christiansen

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Hatha Yoga Slow Flow

An all-levels class for people of all ages and experience levels. This is a well rounded yoga class that begins with centering and attention to the breath. The class then proceeds into gentle warm up stretches to loosen the joints and warm up the body before moving into a series of flowing postures including sun salutations and other chosen poses tailored to the level of those in the room. Instruction of poses will be given as necessary. Attention is given throughout to mindful breathing and careful alignment. Classes may also incorporate some philosophical teachings and more subtle practices involving mudras or bandhas, for example. All classes end with restorative poses and a blissful savasana/relaxation pose.

Drop-In: $17
6 class pass (valid for 8 weeks): $90
Payment can be cash, check or credit card

Tuesdays 9:30 - 11:00am with Astrid Jirka

Thursdays 9:30 - 10:30am* with Astrid Jirka

*October 12 – November 16

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Little Buddhas Family Yoga with Danny

Little Buddhas Family Yoga with Danny (Designed for 3 - 10 year-olds with caregiver plus siblings): Children and adults learn to enjoy basic yoga movements together, especially through songs, stories, games and partner play. Children may gain skills for relaxation and management of emotions. Older siblings may enjoy being models for the little ones on their own mat, and older family members can join in with chair yoga.

Cost: $15 for whole family regardless of size.

Contact Danny with questions:

1st Sunday of Every month @10:00-10:45am* with Danny Faraone

*Will change to last Sunday of each month, beginning October 29

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Ballet Flow

Do you miss those pliés and pirouettes? Or have you always wanted to try them? Ballet is for all ages and every body.This mixed level, advanced beginner/intermediate class accommodates a range of previous dance experience, honoring the individual needs and abilities of adult learners. Some prior experience with ballet is helpful, even if it was many years ago, but motivated beginners are also welcome.Through an integrated approach, we will focus on body alignment, classical technique at the ballet barre and center, and the joy of movement flow through the space. Exercises and combinations can be modified or enhanced to provide for various levels of experience. Ballet is a great way to move gracefully through all stages of life. It helps develop kinesthetic awareness, balance and coordination, strength and flexibility, posture, breathing, and stress relief through physical expression. All that, and it's fun, too!

Cost: $12/Single class; $50/ Five-class card.
College student discount: $11/Single class; $45/Five-class card

For questions or more information, contact Joyce:; 610-334-4205

Sundays 1:45 - 3:00pm with Joyce Campbell

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Soul Dance

Soul Dance is a small free movement dance community. At Soul Dance we give precedence to embodied expression and love each other while doing it.  Dances are casually facilitated, creating a space for safe, playful, ecstatic and community centered movement.  Dancers are welcome to dance alone or with others.  Music is a variety of genres and  follows an intentional wave, starting quiet and slow, gradually building to intense fast rhythms and then quickly dropping into deep meditation.  All ages are welcome, please join us!

Cost: $10/dance or $45/five class package. Sliding scale options for those in need (don't let money prevent you from coming).

For more information, contact

Friday 7:30 - 9:00pm* with Doug Shire

*Cass held third friday of each month. NOTE: The August date will be held on Thursday, August 10.

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Fourth Friday CircleSings with Ephemera

Come make some beautiful noise! Fourth Friday CircleSings with Ephemera is an enjoyable opportunity for singers of all levels to share in an ever-changing vocal experience. CircleSinging is a unique form of improvisational singing, and a powerful tool for building singing and listening skills, both individually and within a community. Participants will hold parts improvised by the leader and taught to a group of singers. The continual chant changes as parts are introduced and exchanged, supporting solos and duets that ride atop a wave of sound. "Both participating in and witnessing the creation of the music that emerges is often an exhilarating and joyful (many have said spiritual) experience." CircleSinging NYC.

Ephemera will facilitate a monthly CircleSing on the fourth Fridays of the month, from 5:30 to 7:00 pm. Donations will be gratefully accepted to cover the cost of the space and supplies. Suggested donation $5-$10. Spread the word...all are welcome! Hope to see you there!

Class held fourth Friday of each month.

Fridays 5:30 - 7:00pm with Ephemera

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Barre Class

A full body work out that incorporates a combination of ballet barre inspired work outs, Pilates, yoga, stretching, isometrics and free weight work. No dance background needed! For the safety reasons, if you are more than 10 minutes late, you will not be able to participate in the class.

Cost: $16/class Sign up & reserve a spot through this link:

Questions? Email Kimberly at

Due to the limited number of spots you must cancel at least 24 hours in advance or be charged the full price of the class. No exceptions.

Tuesdays 4:00 - 5:00pm with Kimberly Yan

Wednesdays 9:30 - 10:30am with Kimberly Yan

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Contemplative Dance, an Authentic Movement Practice


At its core Contemplative Dance/Authentic Movement is a way to cultivate keenness of sensing, discerning, and journeying in the wild territory of one's own body, and for understanding presence in a context of togetherness. The practice can support a process of fulfilling our fundamental need to see and to be seen, through development of witnessing one’s self and one another in movement. Its approach is nourishing, generous, spacious, and can serve as a source for art practice, well-being and personal growth.

So what is class like? Each class we will have a short check in, and a gentle warm-up. Setting key parameters (there is no music per se in these classes) we will invite an inward gaze, and give time to listening to our bodies in stillness, and allowing our curiosity or impulses for movement to arise. Time permitting, we will enjoy some creative forming, to digest and reflect on personal experience, on whatever has come, and as a group share questions or interests so that we can hone in on what is needed for the day. I will facilitate activities supporting the development of inner witnessing, and an approach that values non-judgment of self and other.

Drop ins are welcome for our first class. For subsequent sessions, single drop ins welcome for those with prior experience in CDP/AM. Requesting (requiring) that you contact Julie ahead of class by text or email to register to drop in. Thank you in advance! $25-35 sliding scale

For further information call Julie 512.669.6985 or to register write,

Saturdays* 9:30 - 11:30am with Julie Nathanieslz

*September 23, & 30;
New Series: 5 Saturdays, October 14 & 28, November 11 & 18, December 2 (No class on 10/21, 11/4, or 11/25)

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Reiki Yoga Sunday Series

Experience the unique healing benefits of yoga and reiki! Alison Christiansen, clinical social worker, yoga teacher, and reiki practitioner, is passionate about offering mind-body modalities for healthy well-being. We all know that life’s daily stressors can leave the body and mind tense. A gentle yoga practice elicits the relaxation response which naturally rejuvenates the body by slowing the heart rate, boosting the immune system and improving sleep. In each class, students will explore gentle and restorative therapeutic yoga postures while Alison offers healing reiki touch, a Japanese-based technique for stress reduction, through gentle hands-on assists. Attend 1, 2 or all 3 classes and leave feeling balanced and refreshed! Beginners welcome!

Cost: $20 per class or $55 for the series. Drop-in's are welcome though pre-registration for classes is encouraged. To pre-register for any class or the whole series, email Alison at:

Sundays* 5:00 - 6:30pm with Alison Christiansen

*September 10, 17, & 24

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Dance Church

Dance Church is Ithaca's home for free-movement expression and conscious dance, inspired by 5 Rhythms, Ecstatic Dance and similar traditions. Participants of all ages and abilities are welcome to come explore their inner and outer world through movement in a supportive, fun atmosphere. It's a blast! Experienced facilitation is by DJ Nataraj and occasional guest DJs. Come shake your groove thing!

Contact Doug Shire for questions at 339-7085, and 'like' Dance Church Ithaca on Facebook for up to date information or visit

Cost: $Suggested donation $5 at the door, no one turned away.

Sundays 11:30am - 1:00pm with Doug Shire

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